Saturday, June 20, 2020

Summer Cocktails: Summer Solstice Gin Cocktail | Pottery Barn

Refreshing summer cocktails are an essential when relaxing by the pool, taking in the beautiful weather. Elayne Duff, our mixologist shares a great recipe for a gin cocktail called the summer solstice.

To make this gin cocktail, you'll need: fresh lemon juice, club soda, aromatic bitters, simple syrup and orange liqueur. The base of the cocktail is Tanqueray No. Ten gin. Infuse the gin with strawberries to impart a summery flavor. Hull strawberries and cut them in half. Add them to a sealable container full of gin. Let it infuse for 24 hours so the flavors mingle.

The first ingredient of the Summer Solstice gin cocktail is three quarters of an ounce of simple syrup. Next, pour in half an ounce of orange liqueur and three quarters of an ounce of lemon juice in the shaker. Add a couple of dashes of bitters. The infused gin comes next. Strain the gin before using it. We'll use about an ounce and a quarter of the gin. Add some ice to the shaker and give it a shake.

While serving summer cocktails over ice, a gentle shake is all that is needed. Another great tip for summer cocktails is adding the club soda in the shaker itself. Don't shake the drink, merely stir it gently. Sugarcane makes a great garnish for this drink. Add a stalk or two of sugarcane along with a strawberry as garnish for the drink.

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